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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Lab of Adele Diamond


At UBC, it is possible to pursue an


including Psych, Neurosci, Peds, Anthro, Genetics, Ed, Social Work, Epidemiology, & much more


The University of British Columbia (UBC), in spectacular Vancouver, BC has an exceptional commitment to “interdisciplinarity.”   This commitment infuses all aspects of the university from Science One and Arts One programs for undergraduates to the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP). Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, Program in Health and Society, National Core for Neuroethics, and Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health. Cross-talk, cooperation, and collaboration among members of departments, faculties, and programs is an integral part of UBC.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (ISGP) at UBC is for exceptionally bright and motivated individuals to pursue interdisciplinary PhD research exceeding the provisions of any single department or graduate program.

ISGP is one of the only Canadian programs to offer doctoral degrees in interdisciplinary studies, and may be the largest such program in North America.   Few universities explicitly support the unbounded interdisciplinarity that is offered by ISGP, where students can bring together three or more seemingly unrelated fields from disparate faculties. They might, for example, combine law, medicine & anthropology, or music, psychology, & electrical engineering. There are no restrictions on the combinations or topics, provided the proposed plan for graduate work is well-motivated and can attract willing faculty mentors.

A student might explore a new interstice on the frontier of knowledge, or might prefer a more an interdisciplinary approach to Developmental Studies than is currently unavailable within a single department or program.   This provides the flexibility for a student to study development from molecules to populations, or anywhere in between.

For more in information on ISGP see: www.isgp.ubc.ca/prospective-students

Application Information can be downloaded from:


FUNDING:   Four-Year Fellowships available  

Base-level =   tuition completely covered

plus $16,000 stipend per year for 4 years

Potential additional funding available through individual faculties & programs

Who is Eligible? Everyone. Both Canadian and International PhD applicants

ALL PhD applicants offered admission are automatically considered for funding  

Selection is based on academic excellence

For more information see:   www.grad.ubc.ca/forms/awards/students/4YF_Guidelines.pdf

Below is a sample listing of only a small subset of the faculty a student might choose to study under or do research with.   Click on a name or specialty for more information:


Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist:

Adele Diamond, PhD, FRSC

Pediatricians including:

Tom Boyce, MD

Tim Oberlander, MD

Child Psychiatrists including:

Margaret Weiss, MD, PhD, FRCP(C)

Jane Garland, MD, FRCP

Neuroscientists in Psychology including:

Kate Winstanley

Stan Floresco

Neuroscientists in other depts including:

Dan Goldowitz

Joanne Weinberg

Neuro-Psychiatrists including:

Trevor Hurwitz

Brenda Kosaka

Neurologists including:

Steve Miller

Bruce Bjornson

Geneticists including:

more info

Beth Simpson

Michael Hayden


Liisa Galea

Epidemologists / Public Health including:

Clyde Hertzman 

Jim Frankish

Anthropologists including:

William McKellin

Vinay Kamat

Natalie Henrich

Sociologists including:

Richard Carpiano

Gerry Veenstra

Social Work / Family Studies including:

Sheila Marshall

Richard Vedan

Neuroscientists: Prefrontal Cortex including:

Kalina Christoff   

Jeremy Seamans

Psycho-neuro-immunologists including:

Greg Miller

Edith Chen

Psychologists: Developmental including:

Janet Werker

Linda Siegel

Psychologists: Cognitive including:

Alan Kingstone

Jim Enns

Psychologists: School / Educational including:

Laurie Ford

Kim Schonert-Riechl

Psychologists: Cross-Cultural including:

Ara Norenzayan

Steve Heine

Joe Henrich

Psychologists: Social including:

Jessica Tracy

Toni Schmader

Psychologists: Developmental Disorders including:

Charlotte Johnston

Pat Mirenda

Psychology: Clinical including:

Sheila Woody

Scott Carlson

Nursing including:

Wendy Hall

Susan Dahinten


John Helliwell