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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Lab of Adele Diamond




Ph.D. student Daphne Ling awarded
a Travel Award from the International Behavioural Neuroscience Society (IBNS) to attend the meeting in Cairns, Australia,
(23-27 June 2019)
a World Congress Travel Grant from the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO) to attend the meeting in Daegu, South Korea
(21-25 Sept 2019)


Ph.D. student Angela Low awarded
a Fellowship to the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute Conference, Garrison, NY (8-14 June 2019)


A new paper just out:
Eliakim, A., Falk, B., Armstrong, N., Baptista, F., Behm, D. G., Dror, N., ... & Nemet, D. (2019). Expert’s choice: 2018’s most exciting research in the field of pediatric exercise science. Pediatric Exercise Science, 31, 1-27.

selected one of our papers:
Diamond, A., & Ling, D. S.* (2018). Aerobic-exercise and resistance-training interventions have been among the least effective ways to improve executive functions of any method tried thus far. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.
[Epub 14 June 2018 ahead of print]

as one of the 23 most noteworthy publications
in the field in 2018.

For the Expert’s Choice paper, experts were asked to pick the 2 most exciting papers in different sub-areas relevant to pediatric exercise. Our paper was selected as one of the 2 most important in the area of “Physical Activity and Cognition.”

They wrote that our paper

“should be required reading for anyone interested in the association between chronic physical activity engagement and cognitive control.”


Michael W. Stahl Memorial Graduate
Scholarship (for research on mental illness)
& the Syd Vernon Graduate Student Award
(for working with people with disabilities):
to Ph.D. student
Rena Del Pieve Gobbi, M.A.A.


Doctoral Award — Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-D) to Honour Nelson Mandela:
awarded to Daphne Ling, B.Sc.

      Only one other CIHR recipient received the additional
        "Nelson Mandela" distinction during this round.


Interdisciplinary Studies (ISGP) fellowship
awarded to Ph.D. student
Rena Del Pieve Gobbi, M.A.A.
in the Interdisciplinary Studies
Graduate Program (ISGP)



Canada Graduate Scholarship – Masters
with the additional distinction to honour Nelson Mandela: to Daphne Ling, B.Sc.
the *only* CIHR recipient of that additional distinction nationwide

The additional honour goes to the highest-ranked CGS award winners whose research aligns with Nelson Mandela’s legacy including his championing of children's health.


University of Lausanne (Switzerland) Summer Undergraduate Research Programme
to Jasmyne Kassam, B.Sc. candidate,
one of 15 students participating world-wide

Each participant has their expenses covered and will have the opportunity to perform an individual research project


Faculty of Medicine Summer Student Research Funding Award to undergraduate, Kristina Balce, B.Sc. candidate,
Major in Biology, Minor in Psychology

for work on our study of the effects of low-dose versus normal-dose psychostimulants on Executive Functions in ADHD children.


UBC President’s Staff Award for
Emerging Leadership
to Daphne Ling, B.Sc.

for displaying a commitment to people at UBC & in the broader community, leading by example, actively seeking opportunities for learning & development, & displaying significant potential to advance in her career & achieve positions of greater responsibility.