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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience





The University of Cambridge
has announced that it will be
conferring an
Honorary Doctor of Science Degree
on Adele Diamond
on June 19

Pictured on the right is the procession through town for the Opening of the Academic Year Address at Maastricht University, which Dr. Diamond gave in 2007. A similar procession is expected through the town of Cambridge in June.



Interview of Adele Diamond
Navigating Neuropsychology podcast

"Executive Functions in the Developing Brain"

by Ryan van Patten (1 March 2024)


The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including models of EFs, the differential development of EF components during childhood, the ability of early EFs to predict later life outcomes, assessment of EFs, and interventions to improve EFs in children.




Research by Adele Diamond was cited in the
Washington Post newspaper article

"What is ‘normal’ body temperature?
Some experts say it’s not really 98.6."
by Marlene Cimons (19 Dec 2023)

She is quoted in the article as saying, “Since the 1990s, experts have been saying they should lower [what is considered normal for body temperature]. What I am saying is, they should personalize it [because there is too much inter-individual variability]….[I] suggest physicians establish a normal baseline temperature for individual patients, much as they do for blood pressure and other vital signs….There is a need to individualize it.”




Ph.D. student, Fatimah Bahrami,
is coauthor on a paper that has just been published:
Martial arts, combat sports, and mental health in adults:
A systematic review.

Ciaccioni S., Castro O., Bahrami F., Tomporowski P.D.,
Capranica L., Biddle S.J.H., Vergeer I., Pesce C.

in the journal, Psychology of Sport and Exercise


Susan Stephenson did a wonderful job of describing the Joyous Celebration in her blog-- its joy, insights, and sense of community.



The interdisciplinary, cross-cultural conference Adele Diamond organized, A Joyous Celebration of Ideas, the Arts, Science, and Efforts to Make the World a Better Place, that took place July 17-20 with over 400 attendees from 45 countries was a life-changing, transformative, paradigm-shifting experience for many in attendance. The conference website is http://www.devcogneuro.com/Conf2023



UBC Grad Studies has published
a story on our
Ph.D. student Lisa Ritland,

To read the article, click here


Ph.D. student, Lisa Ritland, was
just awarded funding through the
UBC Public Scholars Initiative,
which reimagines the PhD experience for students interested in linking their research to social issues
or public benefit


Recipient of the
Huttenlocher Award,
the Flux Society’s most prestigious award.

Flux is the Society for
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
and this award honors a senior scientist who's made
major foundational contributions to the field


One of our papers,
Effects of Capoeira on children’s executive
functions: A randomized controlled trial.

Valter R. Fernandes, Michelle L. Scipião-Ribeiro, Narahyana B. Araújo, Natália Bezerra Mota, Sidarta Ribeiro, Adele Diamond & Andréa C. Deslandes
has just been published in
Mental Health & Physical Activity
     The article can be seen here:


High school senior, Edith Bachmann, placed third in the Behavioral Sciences category of the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, GA, for the research on storytelling she did with us.


Ph.D. student Lisa Ritland
was just awarded a

Friedman Award for Scholars in Health
a UBC fellowship
for research outside of Canada.
Lisa will spend 6 months in Melbourne, Australia.


Ph.D. student Rabia Mir
was just awarded a

Doctoral Research Award: Canada Graduate Scholarship
by the
Canadian Institute of Health Research


High school senior, Edith Bachmann, won the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair for the research on storytelling she did with us. She is now advancing to the International Science and Engineering Fair, based on her first place finish in the behavioral category in the Westchester Fair.


Two posters first-authored
by graduate student, Daphne Ling:

"Science communication: Using pop culture to teach children about the brain and behaviour"

"Dopamine: A tale of two cities"

have been accepted for the International Behavioural Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland, June 7-11


High school senior, Edith Bachmann, has been ranked in the top 300 out of 1,805 students in the Regeneron Science Talent Search (the oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics competition for high school seniors in the US) for the research project she did under Prof. Diamond’s


supervision (“The Effects of Storytelling versus Story-Reading on the Executive Functions of Fourth Graders”)."


In recognition of Adele Diamond's longstanding
efforts to help Maasai children in Kenya receive a quality education, a prominent Maasai educator,
Loise Nashepai, has founded the "Adele Diamond Foundation" to help other needy children in Kenya attend school.


Ph.D. student
Fatimah Bahrami
just received UBC’s
Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award



Centre for Brain Health’s announcement
about the results of our new paper:
The latest research from the Diamond lab suggests 37.0°C body temperature should not be considered normal for everyone.
Her team suggests body temperature should be personalized.


We just had a paper published

The avg. body temp. in our study was 97°F (36.1°C). Using 98.6°F as the assumed normal temp. will result in errors when using temp. to screen for COVID. Fevers can be missed in those with low normal body temp. Infected people can thus pass screening.
     The article can be seen here:


Paper just published in Frontiers in Psychology:

Children only 3 years old can succeed at Conditional
“If, Then” Reasoning, much earlier than anyone had thought possible.

Daphne S. Ling, Cole D. Wong, & Adele Diamond


That conditional, if-then reasoning does not emerge until 4-5 years has long been accepted. Here we show that children barely 3 years old can doconditional reasoning. All that was


needed was a superficial change to the stimuli: When color was a property of the shapes (line drawings of a star and truck) rather than of the background (as in all past conditional discrimination testing), 3-year-olds could succeed.

The findings suggest that scaffolding preschoolers’ emerging conceptual skills by changing the way stimuli look (perceptual bootstrapping) enables 3-year-olds to demonstrate reasoning abilities long thought beyond their grasp. The ways we have traditionally queried children may have obscured the budding reasoning competencies present at 3 years of age.


Among the
top 10 most downloaded papers in 2020
from Annual Reviews across all fields
our article on Executive Functions
Annual Rev of Psychology in 2013

Available for free download for a limited time at:


Paper accepted for publication:
Diamond, Lye, Prasad & Abbott (2021)
"One size does not fit all:
Assuming the same normal
body temperature
for everyone is not justified"



‘Super Duper Neuroscientist of the Year’
by the students in
Prof. Kathryn Murphy’s undergraduate
neuroscience class at
McMaster Univ., Hamilton, ON


Our Rena Del Pieve Gobbi is profiled on the
UBC Public Scholars Initiative webpage:

Click on her name there
for more info about Rena.

And, Rena just passed her Comprehensive Exam, advancing her to PhD candidacy.


Press release
by the Centre for
Brain Health at UBC
about a recent paper of ours:
"A bit of stress might not
be so good for us after all"



Paper just published in Cerebral Cortex:
First demonstration of double dissociation between COMT-Met158 and COMT-Val158cognitive performance when stressed and when calmer.

The results suggest that, while it is possible for stress to have a positive effect on executive functions, only extremely mild stress seems to do that and even then it does it only for some. Perhaps employers, supervisors, and teachers should rethink whether intentionally imposing some stress will actually improve performance.

The authors are: Shahab Zareyan3, Haolu Zhang4,
Juelu Wang, Weihong Song, Elizabeth Hampson, David Abbott1,
& Adele Diamond2.



New Publication:
Paoletti, P. & Diamond, A. (2020).
The Science of Education for Peace:
Tools to Sow Peace In and Around Us.



Ph.D. student Daphne Ling
awarded an

IMH Marshall Scholarship
for the second time by the
UBC Department of Psychiatry and
Institute of Mental Health


Ph.D. student
Rena Del Pieve Gobbi
is the recipient of UBC's
President's Academic Excellence Initiative
Ph.D. Award



An article by Daphne Ling
This Pandemic is Not an Extended Sabbatical
is the most popular piece in the
Career Column of the journal
Ling, D. S. (2020). This pandemic is not an extended sabbatical. Nature.


High school senior, Edith Bachmann, came in third place in the Behavioral Sciences category of
the Regeneron International
Science and Engineering Fair
in Atlanta, GA,
for the research on storytelling she did with us.


Ph.D. student Lisa Ritland
is the recipient of a

UBC Four-Year Fellowship
for her Ph.D. studies


Swarthmore College awarded
Adele Diamond

an honorary doctorate